Commercial Property Management

Mixed Use, Offices & Retail

Commercial Property Management - The Realty Way

Realty deliver a professional commercial property management service in order to compliment our core residential management activities and in particular we excel at managing mixed-use developments where residential and commercial customers occupy spaces next to each other.

The management of mixed-use developments can be challenging and requires a delicate balance to be found between the differing needs of residents and businesses.  Realty have mastered this art over the years and have a number of success stories and recommendations from both commercial and residential customers that now live side by side in harmony.

In addition to our mixed-use schemes, Realty offer a service designed to meet the needs of stand alone commercial developments, whether that be office spaces, retail precincts, or business units.  Our residential background offers significant advantages over commercial managing agents that often suits the needs of commercial tenants better than other approaches; helping to keep costs down and public areas well presented.

If you’re looking for a manager of mixed use or commercial premises then talk to us about our commercial property management packages.

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