How To Change Managing Agent

We'll Help You Make The Change...

Changing To A Better Managing Agent Needn't Be A Daunting Process

We’ve helped many clients change managing agent to Realty and we’re used to dealing with even the most awkward of situations.  If you’re thinking of a change, the first step is to talk to us for some informal advice.

Once we understand the legal framework and nature of your development, then we can advise on the best way to change agents most efficiently.  Sometimes you have the power to effect change easily and sometimes it takes a more formal process.

If you have a tri-partite lease (three named parties to the lease: the freeholder, residents management company, and each leaseholder)  then the Directors of the Residents Management Company (RMC) are likely to have the power to appoint a new agent.  If this is the case then you can propose a change to the current Directors of the RMC or become appointed as a Director and then implement change.  To find out more about becoming an RMC Director, click here. 

If you have a bi-partite lease (two names parties, usually the freeholder and each leaseholder) then the freeholder is in control of appointing the managing agent.  In this instance the first step would be to try and get the freeholder to change agents for you.

Sometimes for a variety of reasons this may not be an option, and you then usually have the following options.  Click to find out more:

Making a tribunal application for appointment of a manager (this requires proof that the current agent is at fault)

Make a Right To Manage claim (a prescribed process that gives the leaseholders the power to appoint an agent)

Buy the freehold (usually collectively under enfranchisement)

Other more complex and less commonly occurring legal frameworks under which properties are demised do also exist and we are always happy to offer advice on an individual basis.  We have good relationships with a number of developers and freeholders and are always pleased to get involved to try and effect change with the minimal of upheaval.

We can assist and guide you through any of the aforementioned processes or put you in touch with specialist professionals who can undertake the process for you.

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