Case Studies Of Our Proactive Management

We'll Do What We Say We Will, When We Say We Will

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Realty are incredibly proud of our reputation for proactive management and doing what we say we are going to, when we say we’re going to do it.  We have developed something of a niche in recent years for professionally turning around developments that have suffered a period of neglect.  If we promise to take action we will, and with strong lines of communication and engagement, we are fast becoming known

as the agent of choice for those seeking proactivity and honesty, or simply for those with a problem to solve.  Below are two recent case studies demonstrating how Realty’s proactive management approach to has succeeded where others have failed.

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Case Studies

Appleby Lodge

Appleby Lodge is one of Manchester’s hidden Art Deco gems.  A development of 102 apartments situated within 1930’s buildings of such beauty and architectural importance that they are listed despite their 20th Century age.

Realty were approached following a significant period of neglect where this landmark development had been allowed to fall into a state of serious dilapidation.  The key issues were numerous leaks to the unusual deco-style flat roofs and a failing communal heating and hot water supply, alongside many aesthetic and general maintenance issues.  Capital and rental values of the apartments had plummeted and there was general discontent amongst the leaseholders.

Realty’s approach was to immediately engage with the leaseholders and formulate a short and medium term plan that resolved the key issues whilst bringing about greatly improved resident’ satisfaction and increases in property values that greatly outstripped the required project costs.  The first stage of the project went ahead quickly following well supported statutory consultation and listed building consent, and this saw the blocks re-roofed with a technically advanced solution that completely eradicated all leaks.  The communal ‘energy centres’ that provide heat and hot water each apartment were replaced with efficient and reliable modern systems with long life-spans.  New and highly proactive site-based staff were appointed and this has brought about even greater resident satisfaction through attentive service and raised standards of maintenance and contractor management.

We are now in the process of stage two of the project where further major works are being undertaken to restore this landmark development to its’ former glory.  This management project includes full restoration of the stunning curved and tiled entrances, redecoration of the internal communal areas including refurbishment of the original etched glazing, deco marbled finishes and polished brass and glazed balustrades.

The works and the development as a whole has attracted great interest in the locality since Realty’s involvement and there is currently a significant demand to acquire property at the development.  Partly due to the tangible increases in capital value and rental income seen, but mainly because this development is now seen as a prestigious, unique and well maintained place to live.  Just as it once was in the 30’s.

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Beech House

Beech House lies at the head of quiet road in suburban Didsbury.  The development consists of 72 apartments within a purpose-built block, in desperate need of major works immediately.  Alongside the general state of disrepair following mismanagement by more than one managing agent, the building was suffering from serious water ingress from the roof areas.

Realty were appointed on the promise that we would eradicate the water ingress within the first year of managing the development.  Immediately upon appointment we undertook the required statutory consultation and shortly afterwards completed the full re-roofing works using professional contractors with a track record of resolving difficult water ingress problems and offering a cast-iron guarantee.  The works were competed within nine months of our appointment and we are now focussing on bringing about increased standards of maintenance generally whilst planning a further major project to redevelop the run-down parking court areas into additional multi-level parking in accordance with the Clients’ instructions.

Our immediate and effective action has led directly to two neighbouring blocks of apartments switching managing agent to Realty on the back of the speed and professionalism of the works undertaken to date.  One block required a similar resolution of action to some significant structural problems which have now been completed ahead of schedule, whist the other simply wanted the best possible proactive management of their significant assets.

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