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Benefits of Eco-Friendly Buy to Let Investments

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What are the benefits of eco-friendly buy to let investments?

Sustainability in the property sector has become a real buzzword over recent years, but what are the real benefits of eco-friendly buy to let investments? Does it really make a difference in the decision-making process when people are looking to rent or take on a leasehold property?

Ultimately, while a lot of people are moving towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, it appears that the younger generation are the ones to watch – and if you’ve invested in apartments as part of your buy to let portfolio, this is most likely going to be your target market. So sustainability is definitely something that could have an impact.

A survey conducted by the Guardian shows that when it comes to millennials – those born between 1981 and 1996, currently in their early-20s to late 30s – two thirds of them choose eco products over their less sustainable counterparts wherever possible. As this demographic struggle to buy their own properties in the current market, renting, and especially apartment block living, is the go-to solution for a large proportion of them.

The appeal of sustainable properties

So what’s the big deal and what’s the big appeal of eco-friendly rentals and leaseholds?

For both renters/lessees and landlords/leaseholders, there’s a strong sense of meeting corporate and social responsibilities to make a positive, global contribution, and more eco-friendly utilities and construction methods can also help to keep long-term costs down.

Well insulated homes are also perceived to be much more cosy and comfortable, and being able to cite a property’s eco credential in marketing materials and listings can be a big draw too, attracting more enquiries and viewings, which could get some money in the coffers more quickly.

Also, with a requirement now for EPC ratings on rented properties to be an E rating or better, investing in more sustainable buy to let opportunities means that you won’t need to worry about that – and if you need to upgrade an existing property ready for the next tenant, then sustainable alterations will ensure you don’t land a hefty fine for failing to comply with these regulations.

Eco-friendly features that give you an advantage

For you and your tenants/lessees to reap the maximum benefits of eco-friendly buy to let investments, these are the kinds of features to look for, or consider implementing if you want to upgrade your apartments for the booming millennial market:

  • Energy efficient lighting and kitchen appliances
  • Smart meters
  • Wall and loft insulation
  • Draft-proofing of doors
  • Use of sustainable building materials
  • Solar panels
  • Energy efficient boilers
  • Digital thermostats
  • Ground or air source heat pumps
  • Rain harvesting systems
  • Dual flush toilets

So if you’ve been considering a new addition to your portfolio, or plan to rent or lease to a younger target market, it’s well worth considering these benefits of eco-friendly buy to let investments when weighing up the pros and cons of any properties or improvements.