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Incredible Feedback from the Realty 2023 Staff Survey


2023 has no doubt been one of the most challenging years for Managing Agents since the pandemic, following the introduction of the new Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 and The Building Safety Act 2022.

As outlined within the recent ARMA & IRPM 2023 Wellbeing Survey report, Property Managers continue to face a range of complex and difficult challenges on a daily basis, many of which are impacting on their mental health. The survey was conducted in February 2023, during a time when property managers and support staff have had to support leaseholders feeling the pinch from the current cost-of-living crisis, while suffering the crisis themselves; managing high workloads created by the new legislation, and navigating the challenges of implementing a new building safety regime.

The ARMA/IRPM survey highlights the negative impact of high workload pressures on the wellbeing of individuals, and the survey data also shows that the average property professional works considerably longer hours (45-per week) compared to the average full-time UK worker (36.4 hours per week).

As a result of the above findings from 700 professionals across the Property Management industry, Realty undertook it’s own internal Staff Survey to understand what staff thought regarding the changes, what the company did well, and feedback on areas in which we could improve.

The feedback received was overwhelmingly positive, with 83% of staff rating us an 8 or above out of 10 as an employer. Realty was highly commended for staff enjoying their roles, being a supportive employer, as well as offering a great benefits package and an excellent office environment.

Staff recognised they had a great management team, staff felt valued, and enjoyed the flexibility and autonomy in their roles. Staff felt that they had access to quality information, had a good work/life balance, and they thought Realty was inclusive, communicated well, and were transparent, with great ethics.

Staff also presented a number of ideas and solutions to help streamline processes and improve efficiency, which the board are now looking to implement.

It was noted that the industry was going through a difficult transitional period, and that staff felt confident in Senior management to guide them through the changes.

Realty are incredibly proud of the feedback received, and the engagement of the team to provide feedback to allow us to enhance the company environment, staff benefits, and our offering to Clients.

“Supportive and respective management. Good team spirit. Open and transparent ethics of company and management of developments. Good record keeping.”

“I like that we’re given the flexibility to work from home and manage our own diaries which enables us to better manage our workload. The autonomy of being able to get on with our work on behalf of our clients is made much easier without being micro managed by a senior team. The access to expert advice is far superior from the likes of JMW and Earl Kendrick – this again is very useful and not something I’ve had access to in previous work places.

On the social side of things – again I haven’t worked anywhere that is as generous as Realty from the events we do to the frequency they occur. In the main, you have a good calibre of employees which means forming in-work friendships is easier and certainly from a PM point of view, we are like-minded, which is nice that we have friendships/support from our colleagues.”

“I thoroughly enjoy my role at Realty, I feel like a valued member of the team, and I enjoy coming to work everyday, I like the environment, benefits and culture. The Directors and the team at Realty are excellent at what they do, so hard-working, and they really do deliver on the service to customers. I feel that being a member of staff at Realty enhances my own reputation within the industry.”