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Realty announced as an official supporter of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter

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Realty Management is one of the most progressive and vibrant managing agents in the UK and while their core day to day focus is guided towards their customers and providing an exceptional customer experience, a career with Realty is unlike working for any other managing agent. Realty have been delighted to announce that they have been recognised as an official supporter of the UK’s first Good Employment Charter.

The Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter is a voluntary membership and assessment scheme which has been created to help deliver good jobs with opportunities for people to progress and develop, along with a thriving and productive economy. The Charter aims to improve employment standards across all GM employers regardless of size, sector or geography.

The Charter is being developed through a process of co-design, involving the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), all GM districts, employers from all sectors, as well as trades union employees and other experts.

Organisations – including businesses, public sector bodies, service providers, the third sector, and voluntary and community organisations – can sign up to the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter as Supporters, with the goal of becoming Members and Advocates. The Charter is a journey, rather than an assessment at a single point in time.

Membership of the Charter requires employers to demonstrate a commitment to excellent practice in seven key employment characteristics.

The seven key characteristics of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter

Extending Secure work:

Commitment to giving employees clarity over the hours they work and not to use unnecessary forms of insecure employment, so they have more security over their income and can manage their work and non-work commitments more easily.

Extending Flexible Work:

Giving employees the opportunity to work flexibly wherever possible, providing greater equality of opportunity, creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace and helping employers make better use of the skills and talents within their workforce.

Paying a Real Living Wage:

Set at the level recommended by the Living Wage Foundation, so employees can achieve a decent standard of living and that, as employers, they can benefit from better retention and workforce engagement, with the savings that brings.

Improving Workplace Engagement & Voice:

So that staff can fully contribute to the direction and success of our organisation and shape their roles, with recognised trade unions facilitating the expression of the employees’ collective voice where possible, building effective employee engagement activity and with support from relevant professional bodies.

Developing Excellent Recruitment & Progression:

So employers can take full advantage of the diversity and talents across all Greater Manchester communities through transparent, inclusive and fair processes, engaging with schools, further education and higher education providers and employment programmes, making sure staff have opportunities to continually develop and use their skills and experience.

Improving People Management:

Valuing all employees and will develop fair and inclusive workplaces, investing in the training and development of the workforce, including managers, and inspiring and motivating staff to make sure employers are a successful and high performing organisation.

Developing a Productive & Healthy Workplace:

Supporting the mental and physical health of all our employees, including adjustments for people with long-term conditions and disabilities, delivering high standards of health and safety in the workplace, and so reducing the costs of absences and providing the benefits of a more diverse workforce.

Realty are proud to adhere to each of these principles are already reaping the benefits as a result, one staff member Jane Clarke, who has been with Realty for over 10 years, commented:

“Having worked at Realty for 11 years I feel a genuine sense of loyalty to the company as it’s a pleasant and supportive place to work.  My role as a property manager is demanding, but there’s an excellent level of support from the Directors, who provide practical advice on a range of difficult legal and technical issues and are willing to provide additional training where necessary. Staff are actively encouraged to study for and gain IRPM professional membership which demonstrates their commitment to the professionalism of the company. Staff are trusted to perform their roles and there are clear lines of responsibility and accountability. The office is a generous size which enables staff to have an excellent working and rest space. Realty demonstrate their commitment to rewarding staff in several ways but particularly in reviewing salaries annually. Finally, having previously worked in the public sector for some time, I welcome the complete absence of bureaucracy at Realty!  All of these factors make for a really pleasant working environment.”

It is due to these commendable efforts that Realty experience a very positive staff trend, with a very low staff turnover, and staff members that have worked for Realty for over 10- 30 years. In recent years Realty has attracted key individuals that might not normally consider working for ‘smaller’ firms, but are now benefitting from the rewards at the company developers further into a medium sized entity. 

Robert Prichard, Property Management Director commented:

“Having worked for a couple of the largest managing agents in the country it’s refreshing to work for a company perceived to be the new kid on the block (management) but who have been doing what they do for almost thirty years and doing it as good as the larger multiple award winning managing agents but very much under the radar. To work alongside staff who have been with the firm for over a decade shows it’s a special place to work with a real family feel.

Being what I consider to be a small firm the benefits can only come with time and growth. As we grow, true to his word our MD brings something else in, whether this be healthcare, additional bonus opportunities, or a more formal social calendar.”

Realty Management is not satisfied to rest on its laurels, and wishes to continually develop as an enviable employer within the property management industry, with further initiatives to support this growth further in the pipeline.

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