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Realty Regulated By RICS

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Realty are proud to announce that we are now regulated members of RICS, the worlds best known stamp of approval for property professionalism.

Being an RICS managing agent offers our clients assurances and additional protection over and above non-member agents and even those that subscribe to other well respected membership bodies.

Only an RICS regulated firm can offer the safeguard of RICS client money protection.  This ensures that all client monies are protected above and beyond the limitations of operating individual trustee status accounts in accordance with good practice; and also over and above any statutory protection via the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) which only protects ÂŁ85,000 (at the time of writing).  RICS now guarantee every Realty’ Clients’ funds up to a value of ÂŁ5.3 Million.

Realty have also subscribed to RICS ‘licensed insurance mediator’ scheme.  This means that we are licenced to assist with insurance brokering, claims handling and to offer general insurance advice, in compliance with all regulatory bodies for the sector.

Realty MD, Daniel Pollard commented: “This positive move to become an RICS agent augments our current compliance with ARMA-Q regulation and membership in a way which non-member firms cannot emulate.  Realty now offer protection and reassurances to our clients well in excess of the norm within our industry to fully safeguard each and every one of our highly valued customers.”