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Realty Support The Developers Network – Manchester

The Developers Network Manchester Official Sponsors

Realty are very proud to announce our sponsorship support for The Developers Network – Manchester.

The event, which is held the third Thursday of every month, is an incredible networking event run by Shane Costar and Jonathan Breeze of Axiom Property Partners, which provides a welcome opportunity for experienced property developers, and those new to the industry, to meet, learn, share knowledge, grow their businesses and to improve the Property Industry as a whole.

Realty first attended the event back in January 2023, and has been a monthly presence ever since. It is exciting to hear about the upcoming development projects that the Manchester network have been working on, and to share valuable knowledge and insights that can help take a development to the next level.

Every month, Realty have the opportunity to bring along an individual new to the event for free, so we welcome anyone who would like to join us as the next event to get into contact.

The events usually start around 6pm and further information and tickets can be purchased from the website here: