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Realty’s 2023 Customer Service Results

In the interests of transparency, Realty regularly survey customers to assess the performance of our services, to consider constructive feedback that can improve the business, and to celebrate the positive achievements of our team.

Following our 2023 survey we are pleased to confirm that we received a 94% satisfaction rating, with 83% of respondents giving us top marks.

The 5 top areas of the business that were commended were: Response Times; Communication & Accessibility; Proactivity; Respondents found our staff Friendly, Helpful and Caring; and joint 5th place we were ranked for our Efficiency, Professionalism, and Reliability.

One respondent commented:

“As a director I have frequent contact with Simon Perkin who has been at the forefront of efforts to resolve the cladding issue. In this, as well as other matters, he has been excellent. Our director’s meetings are well run and he responds promptly and effectively to our concerns. Brian, our caretaker, is equally of the highest standard both in his relationships with tenants and managing the day to day running of the flats including extra activities like painting the hallways. Realty’s communications with leaseholders are timely and informative and help to resolve issues before they become a problem. The shortness of this questionnaire is something I wish other organisations would copy”