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World Cup 2018 – Footballers & Property

A photo of the World Cup next to a football on the grass inside a stadium

World Cup special – footballer property investors

With the World Cup 2018 set to fill our screens for the next few weeks, we thought it would be a good opportunity to look at some of the smartest footballer property investors who’ve made their wealth work for them away from the pitch.

A growing number of the greatest players of the Premier League era are jumping on the buy-to-let bandwagon, and have built impressive portfolios or property investment firms – including some of the stars of the current World Cup.

Robbie Fowler – the footballer who became a property multi-millionaire

When we think of footballer property investors, the name that first springs to mind is Robbie Fowler. Robbie readily admits that he fell into investment by accident after a chance conversation with another ex-Liverpool legend, Graham Souness, who put him in touch with a financial advisor. Robbie was just 18 at the time and wasn’t quite earning the impressive wages of the big stars, but he was clever and patient and waited until he could invest.

His wife, Kerrie, took control of the business while he was still playing, and by investing in smaller properties around Liverpool, they built up a portfolio that’s now worth well over £30 million – as well as a property academy designed to teach others how to benefit from the buy-to-let market.

Frank Lampard – making a success out of property

Another ex-England great who’s followed a path into property investment is Chelsea legend, Frank Lampard. Frank has always been seen as an intelligent and grounded individual, and his business acumen has proven that it’s not just on the football field that he’s on the ball.

With a portfolio of mansions and apartments in Chelsea, Surrey and London’s Docklands worth around £23 million, Frank has clearly taken a slightly different route than Fowler, but, nevertheless, an equally successful one.

Current England stars with property investment companies

When footballers thrive in the property investment game to the extent that Frank Lampard and Robbie Fowler have, you can be sure that others will sit up and take notice. Players like current England stars, Marcus Rashford and Dele Alli have shown great sense by recognising that their career may provide huge financial rewards right now, but by investing in property they’re future proofing their family’s fates too.

Both young men have set up investment companies – Future Homes Investment Ltd for Alli and Mcus Properties Ltd for Rashford – and fully intend to build up large portfolios over their careers.

It’s not just English footballers that invest in property…

Former Switzerland and Tottenham Hotspurs defender, Ramon Vega, set up his real estate company Matterhorn Capital Rosalp in 2006, six years before he retired from the game in 2012.  Focusing primarily on the worldwide development of luxury hotels, Vega has amassed a huge fortune, while also founding a prosperous financial company – Duet Group – that specialises in asset management.

Property offers a brilliant investment opportunity, and it’s great to see the trend of footballer property investors continuing… but for the next month or so at least, let’s leave them to focus on the footie!