Added Value For Developers on Future Management

Added Value For Developer Clients

Involve Realty From The Start & We'll Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Our preference is to be involved from the design and planning stage of any development that we are appointed to manage.  The advantage of our early involvement is that we can offer a range of additional services and expertise to ensure the future management of the development is designed to meet and often exceed your homebuyers expectations of quality and value for money.  Main advantages are:

Design Consultancy:

A service that ensures that apartment buildings and the layout of estates are planned with effective long-term management in mind.  From the location of storage areas to energy centre billing and leisure suite management, we are happy to make design suggestions that keep service charge levels cost effective and ensure a quality service is consistently deliverable.

Legal Consultancy:

Realty can professionally assist with the structure of leases or transfer documentation to ensure that the covenants within the documentation mirror the management requirements of the development, allowing for effective service charge recovery and the best possible delivery of the services that the residents require.  Realty work alongside some of the industry’s leading leasehold lawyers so that we can ensure that even the most demanding or unusual of legal structures is professionally compiled.

Sales Documentation Consultancy:

We are pleased to produce clear and concise literature which assists your sales teams to explain the service charge requirements of the development to potential homebuyers.  This would typically answer potential buyers’ common queries and explain what services will be provided and amount of service charges payable.

Planning Assistance:

We understand the challenges involved in gaining planning permission and are happy to assist.  Often local authorities seek reassurances that certain elements of future management will undertaken professionally and we are happy to attend meetings or provide written assurances where required.