Freehold Acquisition & Disposal for Ground Rent Investments

Freehold Acquisition & Disposal for Ground Rent Investments

Whether You're Looking To Buy Or Sell A Freehold Investment, We Can Help


If you are looking to acquire ground rent investments then Realty can assist.  The board of Realty managed their own Freehold stock for many years before disposal and we fully understand what makes a good investment.  We are always pleased to broker a deal between our Clients and we’ll happily do so completely free of charge for those Clients that utilise our management services.

We work alongside a range of developer clients and major UK freeholders and as such, we often become aware of Freehold disposals before the marketplace does.  As a Realty Client we can help you to grow your ground rent portfolio in line with your commercial aims and ensure a hassle-free investment with our professional block management services.


If you are a Developer or other party looking to dispose of ground rents, then we are always happy to assist.  We have strong relationships with a considerable number of investor-Clients that are consistently looking to expand their portfolios and are confident that we can find you the right buyer.

The early stages of a new development are the ideal time to consider freehold disposal and we have a range of tried and tested lease formats that maximise the disposal-value.  We are happy to offer advice on ground rent levels at any stage of build and would be pleased to discuss this alongside future management of the scheme.

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