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Realty Achieve Sustainability Goal Ahead of Deadline!

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In January of this year Realty posted a blog regarding the sustainability initiatives that, as a Managing Agent, we were championing, in order to contribute positively to our industry. Our goal is to ensure that as a business, we are doing our part to contribute towards a more sustainable future for our customers and our planet.

You can read this blog Here

Mentioned within the blog was our commitment to ensure that at least 80% of our management portfolio of leasehold properties, houses and apartments are moved onto greener energy tariffs by the end of September 2020. 

We are now delighted to confirm that three months early, our goal has now been achieved!!

This now means that each of these developments have moved over to an 100% renewable green electricity and gas provider (generated by wind & hydro power), that is certified by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) and independently verified by EcoAct, a Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) accredited provider.

Our customers and clients can be confident that the energy their managing agent has purchased is renewably sourced and can be reported with zero carbon emissions under the GHG Protocol market-based method. 

We are delighted by this achievement, as should our customers & clients, as we continue to support the long-term development of sustainable energy resources.