What Can’t I Do In My Home?

So I Can't Play Music Load At Night Then...

What Can I Or Can't I Do In My Home?

The documentation under which your property is demised will contain covenants that either require the occupier to do, or require the occupier not do, certain things, and may also require permission to be granted before a certain action or alteration can be made.  These covenants are generally put in place for good reason, either to ensure that everyone living in the greater private community benefits from quiet enjoyment of their home or to ensure standards of maintenance and health and safety are uniformly maintained across the whole development for the benefit of all.

Generally speaking most leases and transfers include covenants that prohibit anti-social behaviour, alterations to the structure of a communal building such as an apartment block that might put others at risk, or activities such as short-term letting that place a higher demand on maintenance resources.  Keeping pets in apartments and sub-letting are typical examples of an activity that may need permission before going ahead as the manner in which the activity is undertaken determines whether permission is withheld.  For example sub-letting through a reputable agency that credit checks the sub tenant would generally be acceptable but sub-letting to un-vetted persons with no agreement would generally be refused.

Within your own home, most cosmetic alterations are usually fine to go ahead with, without any need for permission and without breaching the covenants of your lease or transfer.  Decorating and even changing kitchens and bathrooms is usually ok but do check the covenants before going ahead.  One common example that people are often unaware of is the installation of tiled or wooden flooring in apartments which may be prohibited under the lease because the noise created when walking on hard flooring would affect someone else’s quiet enjoyment of their home.

If you are in any doubt about whether or not you are permitted to do something or require consent, license, or permit, just contact us and ask, we’ll be pleased to help.