How Do I Report A Repair?

Something Needs Fixing, What Should I Do?

What Shoud l I Do If I Notice Something That Needs Repairing?

If you notice something that needs fixing then let us know straight away.  We regularly visit every development under our care but sometimes repairs arise in between visits that need urgent attention.  It is also far better to know about a problem when it is small and fix it, than to wait and potentially let the problem get worse and more costly to repair.

Once we know about a problem we will investigate the matter fully and take action to rectify the issue.  Emergency, health & safety, security & access issues are always attended to as quickly as possible.  Realty operate a 24h emergency telephone line to ensure that genuine emergencies can be tended to at any time of the day.

More routine maintenance however, may be combined with other works or tendered in the interests of efficiency and value for money.  Dependent on the scale of the works, some repairs require statutory consultation before works can commence.  The emergency telephone line will not handle routine maintenance issues and these should be reported by email to your property manager or discussed during office hours.

Planned redecoration and major works do not need reporting as these will already be scheduled into a professional long term maintenance plan and budgeted for accordingly.

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