Company Secretarial Services

Professional Company Secretary Services, Free Of Charge!

Company Secretarial Duties Made Simple

Wherever there is a Residents Management Company or RTM Company, there is the need for a professional and efficient Company Secretary.¬† The duties of the Company Secretary¬†include¬†filing returns at Companies House in a timely manner, organising AGM’s and EGM’s and recording the minutes, completing the paperwork associated with property¬†transfers, issuing company shares, and appointing and resigning officers of the company.

There is always plenty to do for the Company Secretary and accordingly many of our competitors charge additional fees for undertaking Company Secretarial Services, often extending to many hundreds of pounds.   With Realty however, we believe that Company Secretarial services are an integral part of day-to-day management and as such the service is included in its entirety, within our standard fee.

So how we can we provide this service for free when others charge so much?  The answer is simple, Realty have invested in specialist software which is linked directly to Companies House.  This means that we can provide a professional service of industry-leading standards with ease.  Completing otherwise time-consuming tasks is done with the push of a button, and not only that, all changes are filed instantly, mitigating late-filing penalties and cumbersome delays.

For a 21st Century Company Secretarial service that doesn’t cost a penny – choose Realty

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