Major Works Projects

Professional, Experienced Advice For Any Type Of Major Works

From Section 20 Consultation to Large Scale Major Works Project Delivery

During our four decadesĀ managing apartment blocks we have experienced many different major worksā€™ projects.Ā  We regularly arrange major works and/or act as project manager for our clients, including: large scale redecoration projects, roof replacements, parking court re-surfacing and replacement of lifts.Ā Ā We have the expertise and experience in arranging and managing major works projects on specialist plant & machinery such as CHP’s or Air Conditioning.Ā  All major works projects are undertaken in complete compliance with anyĀ need for statutory consultation under Section 20 of the Landlord & Tenant Act in a transparent manner and with demonstrable best value obtained.

We provide straight forward advice from the outset and introduce trusted experts where required to ensure projects are delivered in a timely manner and on budget.Ā  Throughout our history we have taken over the management of developmentsĀ that have been neglected and have delivered on our promises to turn these developments around in a specified timescale.Ā  We regard this as a specialism of ours and are proud to succeed where other agents have failed.Ā  These blocks often requireĀ large scaleĀ major works projects extending to many hundreds of thousands of poundsĀ and our ability to deliver such projects on budget and on schedule has led to some of our high customer commendation.

PleaseĀ contact us toĀ discuss any project you feel we may be able to assist with.Ā  Realty clients have access to our expertise and experience in this arena, however we are also happy to act on a consultancy basis to third parties from Section 20 consultation to full project delivery.

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